Toxicology deals with living structures regarding the associations of chemicals. It is in addition the examination of the various business undertakings and regulatory workplaces which are incorporated with in and control of sustenance added substances to those included with the use and improvement of hazardous chemicals. Toxicology is fundamentally stressed with the Identification of malignant administrators and for the clearing of the toxins which has its impact on human life. General Toxicology explains about pharmaceutics, creation, agrochemical and customer thing management Toxicology is the key field of science which gives us the information about disastrous substances and degrading which can achieve distinctive sicknesses in people.

  • Clinical toxicology
  • Geriatric toxicology
  • Paediatric toxicology
  • Drug and chemical toxicology
  • Comprehensive toxicology
  • Organ toxicity
  • Neuro toxicology and teratology
  • Systemic toxicology
  • Predictive toxicology

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